June 9th, 2004

Nobody home...?

This website is a popup-ridden wasteland...

Things will change though. As have and will some other things.

- TM™

  December 23rd, 2003

Wow, the second update in two days. Another new tab has been uploaded. This one is for Glay's "Children in the war", as seen on the live DVD/VHS "High Communications 2003". Sadly I was only able to figure out fragments of the song, but it's something to start at least.

- TM™

  December 22nd, 2003


Beta-testing an album is a very time consuming task.

And the quote of the week/month/year/century comes from someone who recently made this statement that really gets you thinking:

"i had this dream where people loved each other. where people had fun and there was no violence anywhere! where people just worried about each other's needs... so when i woke up, i said to myself "we already have that, its porno!"

- TM™

  November 27th, 2003


I added one new tab to the guitar tabs site, "untitled" by Sigur Ros (all songs on the album are untitled, this is track 1), which I've seen the video for here, a very touching and sad video. The song is very beautiful too, slow and sad.

- TM™

  November 12th, 2003

Lexus Nexus

Damian Lee, member of the Doom "9th Gate" team and respected musician, has put his website online. At the moment it contains his released Doom levels and some information about himself, but more is to come in the near future. You can reach his website here.
Welcome "online", pal! ;-)

- TM™

PS: Yeah, the nasty banner ads are on top of the page now! :-(

  July 6th, 2003

Doom Builder

There is a new Doom editor in town, named "Doom Builder", and it is really a nice pal. I downloaded it last weekend and yesterday I had a closer look at it. And I really liked what I saw. I have been using DEU until now, an old DOS editor that would crash with bigger maps (at around 200kb filesize it would randomly screw up the sectors, making any working impossible), so for big maps like my 9th Gate level, I would have to split up the map and work with several WAD files. I tried various other editors but never found one that I was comfortable with. Since Doombuilder is similar to DEU in many aspects, it wasn't a huge step to switch over to the new editor. From now on, I think DEU will become more and more abandoned for me (I think I was the last user of this program anyway :-) ).

Doombuilder features a very nice 3D-view of the map that reminded me a lot of Duke Nukem 3D's Build editor (of course not just me, as it's mentioned on the editor's homepage too). Just like there you can fly or walk through your map, change textures and lighting and raise and lower floors and ceilings. Sprites are not displayed though, which is a bit sad. But the 3D view will dramatically speed up editing, since there is no more need to jump in and out of the game to check your texture alignment. It can all be done in the 3D-view. There is an automatic alignment function that seems to work well, and you can move the textures by hand with the arrow keys. Especially for odd walls, this function is very handy, so you can quickly find the correct offset.

Another little drawback is that when you create sectors, the program seems to always use the standard values, i.e floor/ceiling heights, textures and lighting. So you have to manually set each sector (or a bunch of sectors by selecting them all). Maybe I missed something here though, otherwise I would highly suggest working on this issue, as it is a real time-stealing flaw.

Apart from these minor issues, I instantly liked the editor and I think I will use it a lot when I get back to Doom. Sadly in the past months I haven't felt much interest in the game and therefore haven't mapped at all. This is especially sad for the 9th Gate, as my maps are still under construction. I hope that I will find the motivation to go back and finish them with the help of the new editor.

- TM™

  July 6th, 2003

New Photos

It's been 5 months since I last updated my photo site. Finally I took the time to add all the photos that I wanted to get up in those past months. Of course, in this time since the last update, I took lots of new photos, out of which 18 made it on the page.

There are two new special themed galleries: One consists of images of cherry blossoms, which will surely please the japanese readers of this site (are there any?). :-) Second, there's a gallery called "pipes" which has images of...well pipes. One pipe actually.

Apart from these, there are of course many images in the general galleries.

If I fueled your interest, take a look at my photography page. :-)

- TM™

  April 22nd, 2003

Free Sex (in your Guestbook)!

Ranting time! We all know spam emails and we hate them for a reason: They fill our inbox and are generally just as superfluous as a beach in the desert. But now it seems that some clever people have found a new way of giving us a pain in the neck, after we all encountered spam emails, more or less successfully, with anti-spam filters: Guestbook spamming!

During the past week, I received several entries in my guestbooks, nearly all from the same source, and containing similar texts ("Happy Easter all of you"). One of those entries was even an ad for a porn site. And the most interesting aspect is that some of these entries were made in a guestbook that I don't even have online anymore!

Do we need all this spamming that's getting more perkily by the hour? No. Do we need 3 popups at our Tripod sites? No, but that's another story.

The worst thing about guestbook spamming is that you have to manually delete the posts and obviously there is no such thing as a filter. Too bad.

If you are a regular visitor to my site, then I'll be happy to receive a guestbook entry from you. Just write your greetings here. If you're looking for a victim for your useless advertising, just f*ck off!

- TM™

  February 24th, 2003

Small Stuff

Various small updates and fixes. Nothing more.

- TM™

  February 13th, 2003

V3.2 Online And Operational

So here it is. Finally. Welcome to Tobysite version 3.2. As you can see, the basic look is still the same, but the navigaiton has been fully reworked and much more content has been added. Lemme quickly list it for you: Game levels (Doom, Doom 2, Unreal, Unreal Tournament), art (guitar tabs, pixel art, manga), information about my other projects (Fehler 404, photography), various formal stuff (links, about, a site history, and a guestbook). So, this should be quite a lot of stuff for you to check out. If you're interested, that is.

I'm especially happy to have all my Doom and Unreal Tournament maps back online. Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein 3D maps haven't made it until now, but they are about to follow soon.

Let's see what I come up with next... (-:

- TM™

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