The Mountain Ridge Fortress (CTF-Mountainridge)

This Capture The Flag level was my contribution to the "Mapper 2000" contest, which was organized by the German online game magazine "Gamesweb" (I didn't got among these first three places, and they never stated the other ones).

The level is located on a mountain ridge with two fortresses (of course). There are two possible paths between the bases: One is very straight from one base to the other by travelling on the ridge. However, you are in danger because of the sniper posts that are situated above the base entries. The other way is achieved by crossing the "Ridge Bridge", a small wooden suspension bridge which crosses the abyss. Here you will be safe of the snipers, but you can get thrown off the bridge easily by an enemy with a Rocket Launcher or a Shockrifle.

Although I wanted to achieve detailed geometry, I tried to keep the framerate as high as possible. Only the outside area between the bases has a low frame rate and might not run perfectly on weaker systems.

As a little bonus feature I added support for the Domination gametype. If you rename the file to "DOM-MountainRidge", you can play it in Domination. However the level is a bit too big for use in Domination mode, you just keep running very long ways between the control points. Target points are located at the flag bases and on the "Ridge Bridge".




Release Date August 22nd, 2000
Playmode Capture The Flag
Player Load 4-10

Support for Domination gametype.


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