All the characters on these images are from Gainax' anime-series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", which is a very good series and has a lot potential to make you think. Sometimes it gets a bit very psychological, and the last episodes are very weird, but it makes sense and is perhaps even necessary for the story. If you like really good and far reaching storylines, then this one might be for you. That is, if you can stand watching brightly coloured mechs fighting against strange "extraterrestrial" lifeforms in a destructed city.

I am not good in drawing scenes "out of my head", so these scenes are actually taken from existing images from the series. Still handdrawn by me, but I had the original artwork in front of my nose. You wouldn't want to see something that I drew out of my head. (-:

PS: Some of these images have my old (really old, from the very first site I made) URL on them. I'll take them out sooner or later. No need to go to the site, it doesn't exist anymore.

Click the thumbnails to see bigger versions of the pictures.

  Hikari Horaki
An image of Hikari Horaki. She is a classmate of the "Children" Shinji, Rei and Asuka.

  Rei Ayanami
Rei with the bandages that she wears after her accidents with EVA01.

  Rei Ayanami
Rei in her plugsuit. Surely one of my best images. Sadly the best results happen when you expect it the least, and thus I was just doodling around on squared paper (and I made this image quite fast too) when I suddenly realized what cool stuff I had drawn.

  Shinji Ikari
This is good old Shinji Ikari. He always looks like he's feeling uncomfortable, but that's exactly his character.