For those of you that are interested, this is a rundown of all older versions of my homepage, with screenshots and descriptions of each version. Have fun!

Click the screenshots for enlarged views.

  Experimental Page
This is no actual page, and it was never uploaded in any way, but I thought I'd include this too, because it is the very first html page that I've ever written. As you can see, I learned about fonts (sizes, colours) and images/background images when I threw this page together out of images that I found on my hard disk.

  Pre-Release Page
This teaser page was uploaded a few weeks before I uploaded the actual page. It features a few screenshots of Doom levels (some of which were never finished/released, and one manga image.

  Version 1
Yes, the very first "World of Toby M". It was frame-less at this point of time, the main menu was below the intro text, with huge buttons. Take note of the stupid texts on the page, the clever "Under Construction" button and the continuous use of the Times New Roman font. (-:

  Version 1.1
This is an updated version of V1, featuring a frameset and the cool Navbar, which allowed quickly locating your position in the site tree, and easy backtracking. The individual pages still came from V1, plus new ones were added later. All in all it was a huge mess, very old pages together with newer ones, and no uniform design. Watch out for the beheaded Pikachu!

  Version 2
For quite some time in 2001, my homepage was offline/never updated. I wanted to have a new, more professional design, and I tried to come up with something interesting for a long time, without success. Finally, I just created this simple design.