Tobias Münch In The Shape of Things to Come

(released in "The Geocities Site", 2003/12/30, interview by Pablo Dictter)

our first interview! and its with none else but tobias. we talk about his upcoming feature album and what we can expect from it.

how are you? I'm fine, but how are you? :-D thats none of your business!

when did you started creating music? Well, my first experiments date back to 1996 or so. I got a really old and really bad DOS tracker and started slapping some random samples in there. I never got anything that you could call a song. In 1999 I got Impulse Tracker and from then on I started getting into music more deeply. Of course, even before all this there was an ugly time when I played an instrument, but I won't tell anything here cause it's too embarassing (but at least it tought me notation).

what instruments do you play? Mainly guitar, but I'm starting with bass right now and I'm doing some small things on a keyboard.

what made you do a cd? YOU!! Honestly, it was Pablo who came up with the idea to put all his songs onto a CD. A little later I started collecting all the finished songs that I had done and realized that I could make an album too. Until the album got finished, many more songs were added.

is the album, a collection of songs to showcase your talent, or an album with a story/idea behind it? The album is a collection of all my finished songs, ranging from 1999 until today (end of 2003). I'm seeing it as a collection of my past and recent work, and it also provides a glimpse of where I want to go in the future (like the songs with recorded instruments in them). The album artwork also reflects this. I designed the logo with this idea in mind, that I am still starting out with music and there are many paths that I can take from here.

from the samples songs up on the album site, everyone noticed that its very varied (in themes), will future releases be like this too? I hope so! My main direction will be rock, but there will always be various influences to my music. I've started working on a blues song a while ago for example. I also love piano songs and I've been doing a lot of those (and for the album I mixed them all into one huge 7+ minutes track). And who knows what else I can get my hands on, hehe.

you have some songs with real guitars inteads of tracked guitars. will this be something you'll do alot more on the future? Definitely! I wanted to do this for a long time! The first time I recorded guitars for a song was in summer 2002 with "Moments of Despair", followed this year by "Shape Part I" and "Shape Part II". And most of the new songs that I do nowadays are based on recorded guitars.

last question. what can we expect from your album? Lotsa noise and some cool sounds. ;-)

thanks, and go to brooms. "With brooms", you need to work on your grammar. ;-) And you don't go with brooms, you fly. Like this: *flies away yelling "chaggaraggalaaaa"...

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